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Robert Stevenson is the author of "How To Soar Like An Eagle In A World Full of Turkeys," and is consistently honored with standing ovations and brought back next year. Dan Clark is a New York Times Best Selling Author; Adventurer; Journalist; a Gold Record Songwriter/Recording Artist; and one of the most sought after speakers on the platform today. Emory Austin is fascinated by the myriad ways in which different people think, by what they do, neglect, choose, and succeed or fail in the process. WIllie Jolley is a world class, award-winning speaker, and best-selling author was inducted into the hall of fame by the National SPeakers Association. Mark Sanborn is the president of an idea lab for leadership development. lists Mark as one of the Top 30 leadership experts in the world.
Gold Stars Speakers Bureau® provides an extensive network of expert and celebrity international speakers and entertainment choices. Our consultants positively address specific needs to meet convention goals or strategic initiatives.
Frank Miles died in a hang gliding accident and was revived by emergency room doctors. He realized that true courage is not facing death in daredevil pursuits, but facing life every day.
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